I just wanted to thank you for a GREAT fishing trip! My dad and I had a blast catching the Sheepshead and Trout! We couldn't believe that we were cathing fish by our second cast and continued to catch them all day! Seeing the dolphins swim right up to the boat was awesome too! We enjoyed your company and we are very happy we chose your fishing charter. We hope we can get out on the water with you again.

Justin and Owen

Thank you for the best fishing adventure I have ever experienced. This was our first family vacation since my father past away last summer and his final wish for us was to stick together and that’s the plan. This was the vacation we talked about but never managed to complete. My younger brother is a resident here, my sister and here fiancé are from Oregon and my mother and my family are from central KY. My first wish on this vacation was to experience ocean fishing. My family was supportive of that ambition. They agreed to join me and made a few additional requests, In our case they wanted to see dolphins. When we spoke on the phone you were 100% strait up! You explained in plain english no double talk the true facts of fishing in the Bay. you advised the best possible time to fish provided the forecast of the week. You were waiting for us with supplies and bait loaded and ready to go when we arrived, You accommodated my 72 year old mother, you satisfied my sister and her fiancé s wish to see dolphins, this was both on our way to fish and while fishing. You led us to a school of red fish where caught our limit of Red Fish in only 36 minutes, in addition to the couple dozen 20” –8 lb fish we had to release. We enjoyed catching the Sheep Head, Groupers and ugly sea robins and left us with memories of the best day of fishing I have ever had. CAPTAIN JOE DELIVERS! His persistence and experience is 2nd to none, His courteous manners and great personality make him a fist class fishing experience that both fishers and spectators can enjoy. Captain Joe loves his job and it truly shows cause he is the Man!

Walter, Dave & Family

Over a recent 15-month period from December, 2009 through February, 2011, I have chartered with Captain Joe for five 6-hour trips, four solo and one with my son. Total fish count was 134 with individual day totals of 26, 22, 22, 19, and 45 (the trip with my son), respectively. Twenty-two different species were tallied including 19 sheepshead, 19 ladyfish, 16 mangrove snapper, 13 red grouper, 12 black grouper, 11 spanish mackerel, and 5 pompano. Each trip was different with the predominant fish for the respective trips being red grouper (10), mangrove snapper (8), sheepshead 13), mangrove snapper (6), and ladyfish (11). The most spectacular catches for me were a 9-pound sheepshead (hopefully still out there as I believe in catch and release), a flipper-hooked 70-pound (estimated) loggerhead turtle, and 3-24 inch bonnethead sharks. It is great fun and great company with a great captain and my son and I will be going out again and again.

Bob from Illinois and Florida.

Hope all is well with you. I'm back in Illinois now, but I already have flight reservations to return to Florida for 3 weeks in December and 3 weeks in February so we will be getting together again. I'm also going down for 2 weeks in July and 2 weeks in September just for a break from here and to check on the condo. I hope you are already in the groove and that fishing in New York is going well. Looking forward to the next time we fish. Keep in touch.


Mike, Adam, and I wanted to thank you for our awesome fishing adventure in April!
We had a wonderful time, nice weather (of course), and a really yummy sea trout and flounder dinner at Parrot Key afterward!
We hope to come up to Lake George sometime soon!
See you then!


Thanks again for a great trip. The boys talked about it all day.
Kim got creative and served some mackerel, trout, and sheepshead in a white wine reduction sauce with orange juice and onions -- outstanding!
We'll get in touch with you the next time we're down -- we'd love to do it again.


Testimonial Photo

I wanted to thank you again for such a great day of fishing. My boys have not stopped talking about it. My father has been telling all his friends. In fact he's on the phone now. I really appreciate everything you did. You worked hard and we all appreciate it. So thank you and we will definitely like to book again next year :) Good luck up north.


This past Monday we had the absolute pleasure of going flats & in-shore fishing with you.
Although we have deep sea and party-boat fished the California coast and the Florida coast a number of times over the past years, we have to say the outing with you was our best.
We were lucky enough to get a ½ day outing booked with you on short notice and you really came through. When you told us you “would take us where the fish were”, you were not kidding!!
Your expert knowledge of the local hot spots shined through. Getting fish in the boat allowed us to take our catch to a local Fort Myer’s Beach eatery called The Fish Monger and enjoy a great meal 5 short hours after you filleted them.
Guaranteed, we will be back and your name will be the one we will suggest to everyone we know that will come to the Fort Myers area and want to get out on the water fishing.
Good Luck to you!

Karl & Matt
Muskego, Wisconsin

Conditions: 83 degrees, foggy, one foot waves, high tide
Tackle: Diamond Eupro Rod with Diawa Reel
Bait: We used 300 live shrimp and then switched to Curly tail lures
Number & kinds of species: 8 bonnet head sharks, 2 pompano, many, many spanish mackerel (17 keepers), 3 whiting, multitudes of ladyfish, 1 sand perch, 1 lizardfish, and 2 squirrel fish. Largest fish: Spanish Mackeral
Ladies Fishing: Pat , Elsie , Josephine and Betty
Comments: All of us agreed this was one of the best captains we have ever fished with. He was fun, courteous, and kept us where the fish were. He cleaned three large mackerel and we took them to the Parrot Key Restaurant, had them prepared (awesome) while he finished cleaning the rest of the fish, divided and them put in bags for us to take home.

Ladies Let’s Go Fishing Trip

Went fishing with you last April, we were a family from Wyoming, you made our trip SO MUCH FUN because you tended to everyone, especially my grandkids. I have a good friend who is taking his family to Punta Gorda for a week before xmas. I don't think it is a very long drive down to you. My buddy is an avid fisherman and I'd like to have him fish with you. I told him it would be worth the drive down. At that time of the year, how is fishing, what do you catch, and when would he have to get booked for that time period? I am seriously thinking of coming back next April by myself as I'm still looking for retirement opportunities, if I do, I'm booking another trip with you too! Thanks, Doug Tieszen. PS, you still have the picture of my son's "gator trout" on your webpage.

Doug T.- Wyoming

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